Working with Queensland Theatre over the past two years has been journey in bringing to life their identity within the Queensland cultural landscape.

In 2017 we introduced a new brand. It strives to connect with new and old audiences through simplicity, brand recognition and the use of relevant facts, opinions and the translation of theatre speak to something more accessible. We developed a new wordmark and typeface – the letterforms drawing inspiration from surrounding historical signage, the brightness and contrast of the Queensland Sun, and the long angular shadows that it creates. This results in letterforms with a dimensional physicality. Used in a compositional structure of masthead and base block, powerful imagery, playful typographic expressions and provocative/engaging language live in-between.

In 2018 we embraced the opportunity to take their Season campaign to a new space. Creating custom hand made sets and working with photographer Tim Jones, we set out to translate the vibrancy of the theatre and its plays into a dynamic campaign, full of personality.


Design & Art Direction