Between projects at Ustwo, we often have a little time up our sleeves to try something new. Myself and front end dev Autumn were interesting in exploring how colour and light can influence mood in a space. It’s not uncommon to see a ping pong table or a game console in studios these days, but what if we could create something more meaningful? Something that combined voice, language, and emotional design to help people day to day.

Armed with three Philips Hue smart bulbs, one Google Home, one studio closet and numerous Ustwo guinea pigs, we created an experimental IoT app called Lumi that could celebrate, console, comfort or dance with you depending on what you needed most. The UI was designed to reflect the light that was produced by the lamps with unique moving gradients, so that Ustwobies offsite could still effects of the immersive experience in their own way.

Read more about it here:
Turning Language into Light


Product Design, Identity, Production